A Framework of Intelligent Middleware for DNA Sequence Analysis in Cloud Computing Environment
DNA 서열 분석을 위한 클라우드 컴퓨팅 기반 지능형 미들웨어 설계

Junseok Oh, Yoonjae Lee, Bong Gyou Lee
2014 Journal of Internet Computing and services  
The development of NGS technologies, such as scientific workflows, has reduced the time required for decoding DNA sequences. Although the automated technologies change the genome sequence analysis environment, limited computing resources still pose problems for the analysis. Most scientific workflow systems are pre-built platforms and are highly complex because a lot of the functions are implemented into one system platform. It is also difficult to apply components of pre-built systems to a new
more » ... system in the cloud environment. Cloud computing technologies can be applied to the systems to reduce analysis time and enable simultaneous analysis of massive DNA sequence data. Web service techniques are also introduced for improving the interoperability between DNA sequence analysis systems. The workflow-based middleware, which supports Web services, DBMS, and cloud computing, is proposed in this paper for expecting to reduceanalysis time and aiding lightweight virtual instances. It uses DBMS for managing the pipeline status and supporting the creation of lightweight virtual instances in the cloud environment. Also, the RESTful Web services with simple URI and XML contents are applied for improving the interoperability. The performance test of the system needs to be conducted by comparing results other developed DNA analysis services at the stabilization stage. ☞
doi:10.7472/jksii.2014.15.1.29 fatcat:wrrehounhzdq3eewiymx6uh37q