Ant communities (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in urban centers of the Alto Tietê, São Paulo, Brazil

Catarina de Bortoli Munhae, Débora Rodrigues de Souza-Campana, Cintia Mitsue Kamura, Maria Santina de Castro Morini
2015 Arquivos do Instituto Biológico  
The Alto Tietê municipalities have rich remnants of Dense Rain Forest in their vicinities. Considering the environmental importance of the Alto Tietê as water source and that of ants as components of tropical biodiversity, this paper aimed at describing the diversity, composition and similarity of the ant fauna in urban centers of different cities. Samples were collected in houses and city squares. Seven subfamilies and 87 species were recorded, of which 39% are commonly found in the Atlantic
more » ... rest remnants adjacent to the cities. Linepithema neotropicum is dominant in areas outside the houses and in squares. In each municipality, in the area inside the houses, there is a dominant species. Tapinoma melanocephalumwas recorded preferably in the area inside the houses. Five exotic species were recorded mainly in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, SP, Brazil.
doi:10.1590/1808-1657000092013 fatcat:vr6godmdbneabdfpo3qkbxysg4