Association between blood grouping and food sweating

Muhammad Asad Abbas, Muhammad Imran Qadir
2019 Open Access Journal of Science  
The objective of the present was to corelate blood grouping with food sweating. Antibody A, antibody B, and antibody AB named as (D). Place antibody A on one blood drop, antibody B on another blood drop and antibody D on 3rd blood drop. If the blood drop makes bubble with the antibody B then the blood group was A. If the drop makes bubble with antibody A the blood group was B. If the blood drop makes bubbles with AB then the blood group was O. If the all three drops on the slide makes bubble
more » ... ide makes bubble then the blood group was AB. Total subjects participated in this study were 174. ABO system has four different phenotypes which are described on the basis of specific antigen on RBC A person with antigen A has blood group. Person with an antigen B has B blood group. Person having both the antigen A and B has AB blood group. A person having no antigen neither A nor B would have blood group O. The + sign refers to the presence of the RH factor and the -sign the absence of another blood group system antigen called RH factor. RH factor is present on the surface of RBC. The system is named RH after rhesus monkey.
doi:10.15406/oajs.2019.03.00124 fatcat:nfhh6zfflbdd3aosdnelilmdd4