On the Triality Theory in Global Optimization [article]

David Y. Gao, Changzhi Wu
2012 arXiv   pre-print
Triality theory is proved for a general unconstrained global optimization problem. The method adopted is simple but mathematically rigorous. Results show that if the primal problem and its canonical dual have the same dimension, the triality theory holds strongly in the tri-duality form as it was originally proposed. Otherwise, both the canonical min-max duality and the double-max duality still hold strongly, but the double-min duality holds weakly in a super-symmetrical form as it was
more » ... Additionally, a complementary weak saddle min-max duality theorem is discovered. Therefore, an open problem on this statement left in 2003 is solved completely. This theory can be used to identify not only the global minimum, but also the largest local minimum, maximum, and saddle points. Application is illustrated. Some fundamental concepts in optimization and remaining challenging problems in canonical duality theory are discussed.
arXiv:1104.2970v2 fatcat:hcxpqxhzdffi3m6tvacak25hci