A review on key challenges in intelligent vehicles: Safety and driver‐oriented features

Lin Hu,, Xiqin Zhou, Xin Zhang,, Fang Wang, Qiqi Li, Wenguang Wu
2021 IET Intelligent Transport Systems  
The huge advantages of intelligent vehicles (IVs) in improving road safety and operating efficiency have become a research focus in the industry. IVs have made significant progress in recent years, but it is still face great challenges in order to be accepted by users on a large scale. In this regard, the authors propose that the research of IVs can be developed along the lines of safety, comfort and economy, gradually overcoming existing dilemmas. First of all, security is the most basic
more » ... ement of IVs. The authors sort out the key technologies and challenges of the basic architecture of IVs, and propose existing attack and defences strategies for IVs information security technology. Secondly, comfort is more about people's subjective feelings. From two aspects of physiological comfort and psychological comfort, the paper studies the anthropomorphic decision-making to overcome the mechanized speed control, human computer interaction design, personalized driving style and ethical decision-making methods. Then, aiming at the micro-and macro-levels of economy, it outlines technologies such as economic driving behavioural, collaborative control of people, vehicles and roads and IVs sharing. Finally, the authors summarized the challenges and future development directions in the three stages of IVs development. IET Intell. Transp. Syst. 2021;1-13. wileyonlinelibrary.com/iet-its 1
doi:10.1049/itr2.12088 fatcat:4r2tbv2emzdxdjv2q7waednmdi