Proteomics in the diagnosis of ovarian cancer

V. E. Shevchenko, N. E. Arnotskaya, D. E. Makarov, N. R. Pogosyan, K. I. Zhordania
2014 Opuholi Ženskoj Reproduktivnoj Sistemy  
Proteomics has recently found wide application to account for the molecular mechanisms of cancer and to search for biomarkers that may be used to diagnose and/or predict the development of the disease. The paper briefly reviews proteomic studies to detect ovarian cancer biomarkers, by taking into account different types of biological samples.
doi:10.17650/1994-4098-2011-0-2-56-64 doaj:5e78227783f74adb97f9a9bad44c52fb fatcat:olqqphop2bc7hezcaidx4vttp4