"Convict Competition"

1878 Scientific American  
j'ritutifir �tutrirau+ 2 5 7 charine substance called" glucose, " or grape sugar, is pro-house he is able to live and support his family. In due time I trefactive tendency of warmth does not override the pre duced, has not by any means been lost sight of in this coun-the yearly tax on his house falls due, and in looking over the I ' servative quality of light; and the experimenters found that, try, notwithstanding the low price of cane sugar. Exten-items of taxation he finds one for"
more » ... one for" maintenance of prisons with a full amount of sunlight, tubes could be preserved sive works for the manufacture of this article are located in and penitentiaries." He goes to a political friend-a legis-from day to day as readily in hot weather as in cold. one of the largest cities of the western part of the State, lator-for explanation, and is informed that the average cost The action of light was not confined to Pasteur's solu and almost every day one or two car loads arrive, occasion-of supporting each convict is in the neighborhood of $150 a tion, as urine could be preserved In the same way. It is ally consigned to Europe, but oftener to the various brewers year, and the people" of course" pay it. curious to note that the germicidal influence does not ex-
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04271878-257 fatcat:nmjgebvpd5hqdfnexmocuhr4fe