Kajian Yuridis Pengesampingan Pasal 1266 dan Pasal 1267 Kitab Undang -Undang Hukum Perdata sebagai Syarat Batal dalam Perjanjian Kredit Perbankan

Rocky Marciano Ambar, Budi Santoso, Hanif Nur Widhiyanti
2017 Perspektif Hukum Journal  
Banks in credit agreements use more standard agreements, standard contracts in 2 (two) things, (1) There is an unbalanced position between banks and debtors, banks that have a more dominant position and debtors. (2) There is an understanding of the principle of freedom of contracting and without limits. The Bank has the freedom to seek the form and content of the agreement. Code of Ethics in agreement. The provisions of the Civil Code provide types of compensation for parties. Based on the
more » ... round, then for problems the problem is written (1). Does the inclusion of Article 1266 and Article 1267 of the Civil Code on the banking system have collected the principles of balance and justice. (2) What are the legal implications of the exclusion clause. The research method is normative juridical research. The result of this research is the neglect of civil law and the principle of compensation is the principle of balance. The basic principle according to Rawls is that it is unfair or more people. in the sense of "freedom of results", in other words. is the nature of the debtor in a bank credit agreement. For the legal implications of the clause that excludes Article 1266 and Article 1267 of the Civil Code concerning the right of the debtor to the debtor. Legal efforts in finding and resolving problems that cannot be made by a decision due to the imbalance of the parties in the agreement. For people who make changes, no party will be harmed.
doi:10.30649/ph.v17i1.59 fatcat:dbiadvizrjdy5bpst7odoeqasi