Master Of Science With Emerging Specializations And Hons/Major: A Case Of It & Computing Fields In Indian Private Universities

P. S. Aithal, P. K. Paul
2018 Zenodo  
Technology is changing day by day with rapid development in many areas of Science and Technology. Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) worldwide developed and creating many new emerging concepts, fields and study. Computing and Information Technology related fields in recent past developed in rapid speed. There are many organizations, institutions, establishments, and sectors purely and partially depend on computing and allied tools and technologies; and as a result, the field of computing and
more » ... d of computing and IT has been changed radically in the different context. The growing requirement of information in diverse areas lead several branches for its nurturing and among these Computing and Information Technology are most important and valuable. Initially, the branch in this field was called as Computer Science but gradually the importance and uses of information have resulted in several other allied branches concentrated on information. Apart from core areas, several new areas of Information Technologies have been developed in recent past; among these few important are Networking Technologies, Web Technologies, Database Technologies, Multimedia Technologies etc. In India, Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) developed rapidly after 1980's and most significantly in last decade. The private player plays a lead role in this respect in terms of producing skilled manpower. Private universities are the latest example of higher educational institutions in this regard. The branches of Computing and Information Technology have been changed a lot with the hands of private universities. The educational models and programs in IT and Computing fields have been changed rapidly in last few years by the initiatives undertaken by the private universities. This work is a primary study designed to show the educational systems in India emphasizing emerging programs in IT and Computing in Private Universities in India. The Concept of Major and Concentration of a specific subject previously was important only in Bachelors degrees but in recent past Mas [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1197232 fatcat:ay7ua3vuunc6vpzk5crnbntdmm