Cost benefit analysis of level of Ziziphus (Ziziphus mauritiana) leaf meal inclusion in the diet of growing rabbits

S. B. Abdu, M. R. Hassan, H. Y. Adamu, S. M. Yashim, M. Abdulrashid, S. Duru, G. E. Jokthan
2021 Nigerian Journal of Animal Production  
Thirty (30) growing rabbits of mixed breeds and sexes with an average initial weight of 526.92±0.25g ere used for this study to determine the effect of level of inclusion of Ziziphus leaf meal (ZLM) in concentrate diet on the performance of growing rabbits. The experiment was in a completely randomized design involving five treatments, which represented five diets with 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40% levels of ZLM inclusion. Significant differences (p<0.05) were observed in weight gains, feed intake and
more » ... eed:gain ratios. Treatment 2 had the highest weight gain (though not significantly different (p>0.05) from treatment 1 and the best feed /gain values.The cost benefit analysis shows a 40.51 % reduction in the cost of feed, following a 10 % inclusion of ZLM in the diet (T2) over the control (T1), while 46.35 and 47.94 % reduction were observed following 20 and 30 % ZLM inclusion (T3 and T4) respectively. In term of apparent profit made, T1 recorded the highest profit (N 35.29) over all other treatments, which was followed by T2 (N30.49), T3 (N15.11) and T4 recorded the least (N 12.99). Inclusion of RHSM in the diet of rabbits resulted in reduction in the cost of feed and feed cost efficiency. From the results obtained it was concluded that dried ZLM could be incorporated up to 30% in the diets of growing rabbits without any adverse effect on their performance.
doi:10.51791/njap.v39i2.719 fatcat:rmggdqhavbhahghj3hxfk5n6vi