S N Bhongade and K D Khattar S N Bhongade and K D Khattar, ijrbat
2020 International Journal of Researches in Biosciences and Agriculture Technology  
Groundnut is being an important cash crop of Maharashtra and particularly in Vidarbha region, needs greater attention for adopting suitable measures for weed control, so as to obtain optimum benefit of the various cultural practices recommended for the cultivation of crop. The present investigation was carried out in a randomized block design with 15 treatments, replicated 4 times at the Agriculture College Farm, Nagpur, on Field No. 3, Jali block. The crop of groundnut variety SB XI was grown
more » ... n silty-clay type of soil which has low nitrogen and medium available phosphorus and potash content. The treatments comprised of three herbicides, viz., Basalin, Lasso and Fusilade, used either alone at their higher or lower doses or in combination of pre-and/or post-emergence spray of herbicides or cultural method. Regular periodical observations were taken in respect of emergence plant, plant population count, plant height, etc. No adverse or toxic effect of any of the herbicides applied at higher or lower dose was noticed on the seed emergence, plant count, crop growth, development and finally, the yield of pods in different treatments. From the gist of experimental findings, it was concluded that, none of the herbicides produced any adverse or toxic effect on the emergence and plant stand as well as development of groundnut crop. Pod yield per hectare as well as straw yields was significantly increased under the treatment of Basalin, Lasso and Fusilade. The use of herbicides should be invariably adapted, wherever; the labour is either not easily available or costly. However, these findings need to be repeated for another one or two more seasons, to get confirmatory results for the purpose of recommendations to the cultivators.
doi:10.29369/ijrbat.2020.03.i.0006 fatcat:namezntx4nerhe6ra3nvdapzhy