Parallel Implementations of Candidate Solution Evaluation Algorithm for N-Queens Problem

Jianli Cao, Zhikui Chen, Yuxin Wang, He Guo, Leo Y. Zhang
2021 Complexity  
The N-Queens problem plays an important role in academic research and practical application. Heuristic algorithm is often used to solve variant 2 of the N-Queens problem. In the process of solving, evaluation of the candidate solution, namely, fitness function, often occupies the vast majority of running time and becomes the key to improve speed. In this paper, three parallel schemes based on CPU and four parallel schemes based on GPU are proposed, and a serial scheme is implemented at the
more » ... ine. The experimental results show that, for a large-scale N-Queens problem, the coarse-grained GPU scheme achieved a maximum 307-fold speedup over a single-threaded CPU counterpart in evaluating a candidate solution. When the coarse-grained GPU scheme is applied to simulated annealing in solving N-Queens problem variant 2 with a problem size no more than 3000, the speedup is up to 9.3.
doi:10.1155/2021/6694944 fatcat:aamswkg5efgvbio2k5yse6be2a