The modern condition of Crimean-Congo hаemorrhagic fever natural focus in the Russian Federation

N. F. Vasilenko, E. A. Manin, O. V. Maletskaya, A. S. Volynkina, D. A. Prislegina, O. V. Semenko, A. N. Kulichenko
2019 Zhurnal mikrobiologii, epidemiologii, i immunobiologii  
Aim. To determine the boundaries of the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) natural focus in the Russian Federation at the current stage, to clarify the range of the main reservoirs and vectors of CCHF pathogen, to assess the epidemiological capacity of the natural focus. Materials and methods. The materials of epidemiological and epizootological monitoring of the CCHF natural focus, methods of epidemiological and epizootological analysis, molecular-genetic and cartographic methods were
more » ... in the work. The findings have been treated using by software package Microsoft Office Excel 2010. Results. The unified integrity of the CCHF semi-desert-steppe natural focus, which occupies vast territory of the southern part of the Russian Federation of 831 thousand square kilometres, is science-based. Expanding the geographic area of the CCHF agent with the involvement new administrative district can be seen. The trend of shifting of the CCHF natural focus borders in a northerly direction has been established. An increasing of epidemiological capacity of the CCHF natural focus has been noted. Hyalomma marginatum ticks are the main reservoirs and vectors of CCHF virus. The genotype «Europe-1» is predominant genotype in the natural focus. Conclusion. It is necessary to improve the tactics of CCHF epidemiological surveillance using modern science-based approaches. For example, automated forecasting-modeling system, using results of multifactorial risk analysis, which have an impact on the intensity of CCHF epidemic appearances, allows to quantitative forecast epidemiological situation on this infection in the aggregate and for certain subjects of the south of the Russian Federation.
doi:10.36233/0372-9311-2019-4-46-52 fatcat:7qkek3wd3vgofdpu767vnbucmm