Dialectics of Technical Emancipation—Considerations on a Reflexive, Sustainable Technology Development

Georg Jochum
2021 NanoEthics  
AbstractThe modern idea of emancipation is linked to the goal of overcoming dependencies and domination. However, as argued in the article, negative dialectics of emancipation must also be problematized. The project of emancipation, as it was formulated in the Age of Enlightenment, was often particular and was associated with the establishment of new forms of domination. Especially the project of liberation from the constraints of nature through technical development led to the domination of
more » ... ure. In view of the ecological crisis, the dark side of this project is becoming apparent today. The ecological base of human development is at risk. It is therefore necessary to pursue the idea of a reflexive emancipation, which also takes nature into account in order to enable a sustainable technology development. Emancipatory Technology Studies should therefore support an emancipatory technology policy which promotes a positive dialectical movement that overcomes the contrast between submission to nature and technical mastery of nature.
doi:10.1007/s11569-021-00387-7 fatcat:nerdmaz64beejagkdrzsfc32si