Caryospora varaniornati sp. n. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) in the Nile monitor, Varanus (Polydaedalus) niloticus species complex

David Modry, Jan R. Slapeta, Zdenek Knotek, Bretislav Koudela
2001 Folia Parasitologica  
Parasitological examination of two ornate Nile monitors Varanus ornatus (Daudin, 1803) imported from Benin revealed the presence of a new species of Caryospora. Oocysts of Caryospora varaniornati sp. n. are spherical to slightly subspherical, 12.0 (11-12.5) × 11.5 (11-12) µm, without a micropyle and oocyst residuum, and occasionally possessing one small polar granule. Sporocysts are broadly ellipsoidal, 8.8 (8.5-9.5) × 6.7 (6.5-7) µm; a lentil-like Stieda body is present, ca. 0.5 × 1 µm;
more » ... 0.5 × 1 µm; substieda body not visible. Experimental infection of a closely related host, Varanus niloticus (L.), did not lead to the oocyst excretion despite the fact that one of the experimentally inoculated monitors was immunosuppressed by dexamethasone. Histological examination did not reveal stages of coccidian development. Therefore, it is possible that C. varaniornati is strictly host specific.
doi:10.14411/fp.2001.002 fatcat:pqpvmlt3xrayrj6ipzz7oebxga