Light-weight and Low-cost HealthCare - A Cloud based BAN for Remote Health Monitoring

Teena Hinesh Bachani, Himesh Kumar, Sana Hoor Jokhio, Imran Ali Jokhio
2018 Gyancity Journal of Engineering and Technology  
A BAN, which fundamentally comprises of remote wearable sensor nodes typically organized by means of a sta-tionary or portable device, is principally adopted to examine single aided livings. A system of BANs worn by a group of individuals for continuous monitoring delivers huge sum of contextual information that require an adaptable, scalable and cost effective approach for storage capacity as well as elaboration. In this paper, we propose a cloud-integrated light-weight and low-costs health
more » ... e wireless BAN. Our proposed system is intended to evaluate and observe significant physiological information of a patient with a specific end goal to precisely portray the status of her/his wellbeing and wellness anytime anywhere. To ensure accuracy and reliability the proposed BAN has been field tested. The test outcomes demonstrate that it is able to calculate the patient's physiological vitals with a very high accuracy.
doi:10.21058/gjet.2018.41003 fatcat:vm6bktzkj5eatgtwxcosf44gke