1Gfpsを目指した超高速撮像素子の新展開 : ISIS, BSI,マルチ電荷収集ゲート,3D積層(固体撮像技術および一般)
Toward 1Gfps: Evolution of Ultra-High-Speed Image Sensors : ISIS, BSI, Multi-Collection Gates, and 3D stacking

K. Shimonomura, T. G. Etoh, V. T. S. Dao, E. Charbon, C. Zhang, Y. Kamakura, T. Matsuoka
2015 ITE Technical Report  
Evolution of ultra − high − speed image sensors is reviewed . Currently , the highest frame rate achieved by a solid − state image sensor is 16. 7 Mfps, while the target of this pr ( } ject is l Gfps . To achieve this target , we propose an image sensing unit consisting of CCD pixels and a CMOS driver circuit , whereas the pixel has multiple collection gates, and the driver comprises a ring oscillator with XNOR circuits. The sensor and the driver are mounted on different IC chips by 3D
doi:10.11485/itetr.39.16.0_49 fatcat:rshgoebabrezjidxw6etgkvqim