Living Research: How do we realise our capacity to create knowledge as we live towards our professional values in our practice?

Caitriona Mcdonagh, Bernie Sullivan, Caitriona Mcdonagh, Bernie Sullivan, Caitriona Mcdonagh, Bernie Sullivan
In this paper, we discuss how we came to recognise our capacity to be effective agents of change and what this might mean for our facilitation of teachers conducting living research in their practice. We outline our learning from a variety of settings, including a cross-sectoral group of teachers, a whole-school staff, student-teachers and a network of educational researchers. We examine the idea of the teacher, and also the facilitator, as an agent of change and how this has the potential to
more » ... sult in improvement in educational practice and in understanding of practice. We investigate how new learning can emerge from the process of finding ways to support others as they conduct their living research into their practice. The creation of new knowledge in this way represents one of the educational values to which we subscribe and which frames our approach to living educational theory. As we developed our living-theory of knowledge-creation, we found ways to articulate, appreciate and acknowledge professional knowledge that went beyond curriculum knowledge and professional skills to embrace the professional integrity and the experiential knowledge of educators.