Advisory Board A Letter from the Editor on Chief Special Th anks

Graduate Advisor, Melissa Edwards, Faculty Advisor, Mark Brown, Graham Opie, Operations Associates, Andréa Anthony, Danielle Cole, Abigail Pizel, Riley Crowell, Nikki Cunningham, Ben Fisk (+36 others)
2016 unpublished
JUR Press is proud to present Volume VII of the Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Excellence with published works across a wide range of disciplines by undergraduates from around the world. We are a journal for undergraduates and by undergraduates. Our slogan-linking the global undergraduate community-captures our mission to serve the interests of worldwide undergraduate thinkers, tinkerers, experimenters, writers, and artists. While JUR does provide a platform for students to
more » ... ish and showcase their work, we also give students the opportunity to learn about the publication process from start to fi nish through internships as editors, operations associates, and referees. Our undergraduate network has grown to include not only international authors, but also affi liate and satellite editors from around the world! We are truly committed to enhancing the undergraduate experience, and we continually seek to engage as many undergraduate students in our organization as possible. This year has been a blessing as I have settled into the role of editor in chief with support from those around me. I am honored to have such a strong foundation built from all staff members and the entire JUR network. As seniors graduate and pursue their future and new members join to engage in the publication process, I am reminded of the hard work, determination, and dedication every present and past JUR member has done to better the organization and themselves. I have seen each member this year grow and truly embrace the meaning of "interdisciplinary" as they manage academics, internships, sports, volunteer positions, and take time out of their day to make someone else's. I am incredibly thankful for the laughs and smiles that each unique personality brought throughout the year to complete this edition. For all that we have accomplished this year, I want to say congratulations to each member and how incredibly thankful I am for their efforts. You are exceptional individuals with a wide range of talents. I look forward to what the future has to offer for those graduating, and what the year holds for new and returning members.