The object-oriented software development method: a practical approach to object-oriented development

E. Colbert
1989 Proceedings of the conference on Tri-Ada '89 Ada technology in context: application, development, and deployment - TRI-Ada '89  
The Object-Oriented Software Development Method (00!3D) includes object-oriented requirements analysis, as well as object-riented design. 00!3D is a practical method of developing a software system which focusses on the objects of a problem throughout development. OosD's focus on objects early in the development, with attention to generating a useful model, creates a picture of the system that is modifiable, reusable, reliable, and understandable -the last perhaps most important because the
more » ... ant because the picture of a software system created by a development method must be an effective device for communication among developers, customers, management, and quality-assurance personnel.
doi:10.1145/74261.74291 fatcat:3n6jhqnvxndu7k2ippfyylwvse