Особливості міжнародних стандартів правового забезпечення адміністративних судів та можливості їх використання в Україні

Бабяк Наталія Василівна, Коновалова Надія Тарасівна
2019 Zenodo  
The purpose of the article is to study the peculiarities of international standards of legal provision of administrative courts and the possibility of their use in Ukraine. One of the important directions of improving the efficiency of the administrative courts of Ukraine is the borrowing of international standards of administrative justice and the use of its legal rules in this area of legal proceedings. The possibility of introducing European practice in the organization of administrative
more » ... administrative justice in Ukraine on the basis of modern legal norms today is a necessary condition for improving the activity of domestic administrative courts, as well as an effective mechanism for the return of public confidence in these courts. It is worth emphasizing that the need for a comparative study of various aspects of international legal principles in the field of administrative justice is an urgent need to determine the most optimal ways to improve the functioning of administrative courts in Ukraine, and to increase their role in the system of human rights guarantees. It was clarified that the organizational support of the functioning of administrative courts is primarily connected with the implementation of legal norms on the improvement of administrative justice in the context of reforming the entire judicial system. The experience of international standards on the use of legal norms proves that the creation of a new legal framework for national legislation on administrative justice should be aimed at ensuring the proper mechanism for implementation and bringing it to the standards of international law. It is substantiated that solving problems of improvement of legal norms will be facilitated by the appeal to international experience, which contains the weighty values formed by world civilization during centuries of history, which, gradually, due to consolidation in a number of international legal documents, became in their overwhelming majority the property of all mankind
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3376939 fatcat:cgjee43o2fgrrjc3wydt7a26sy