An Architectural Pattern Recommendation Method Based on a Quality-Attributes Trade-off Analysis
품질속성의 트레이드오프 분석을 통한 아키텍처 패턴 추천 방법

Hyeon-ju Park, Seok-Won Lee
2017 Journal of KIISE  
Recently, the accomplishment of a system's quality attributes requires the negotiation of increasingly complex requirements, and this is because the contextual and developmental environments in which software is used has undergone broad changes. Nevertheless, with regard to most architectural designs, many of the proportions depend on the architect's intuition. Moreover, even if reusable architectural patterns are adapted to an architectural design, common schemas for the description of their
more » ... e are nonexistent, and it is difficult to make a comparison for the selection of an appropriate systemic pattern because the focus of the schemas is not the user's perspective. To achieve a fast initial-design decision, this paper suggests new schemas that reduce the distance between the quality attribute requirements and the design by reinterpreting architectural patterns from the user's perspective. Also, based on the reconstructed pattern model that is derived from the use of the new schemas, an architectural-pattern recommendation method (APOQATo) for which the trade-off and the constraints that are due to the design decision are considered is provided as well as the advantages of the architectural pattern for which the quality attributes are satisfied.
doi:10.5626/jok.2017.44.2.148 fatcat:qrv467qocrgghgvurj5szim2xq