Investigating the prevalence of personality disorders in relation with recidivism among prisoners of north-west Iran

Hossein Ghamari, Ahmad Sadeghi
2015 European Journal of Forensic Sciences  
and Aim: As high percentages of prisoners commit at least one crime after releasing from jail, recidivism has become a major issue in the criminology field. Our aim was to investigate the personality disorders in relation to recidivism in male prisoners. Methods: The study included all male prisoners of Ardabil city (Iran). The sample included 65 prisoners (32 first-time prisoners and 33 with recidivism) and participants measured through standard questionnaires included demographic information
more » ... raphic information and Millon's personality disorder inventory. Results: The results showed that the rate of a personality disorder is high among prisoners specially in antisocial, borderline, and paranoid personality disorders. In addition, the groups (first -time prisoners and participants with a previous history of recidivism) were significantly different regarding antisocial, borderline, paranoid, sadism, negativism, and narcissism scales. Conclusion: According results of this study some personality disorders such as antisocial and borderline is more prevalent among male prisoners of Ardebil. Therefore, may be considering and treatment of personality related problems helps to the prevention of recidivism. Kiwi and Sadeghi: Personality disorders in relation with recidivism Eur J Forensic Sci • Oct-Dec 2015 • Vol 2 • Issue 4 7
doi:10.5455/ejfs.186161 fatcat:p27ifdeqp5ek7dcneh2gipcz7q