PowerGridworld: A Framework for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Power Systems [article]

David Biagioni, Xiangyu Zhang, Dylan Wald, Deepthi Vaidhynathan, Rohit Chintala, Jennifer King, Ahmed S. Zamzam
2021 arXiv   pre-print
We present the PowerGridworld software package to provide users with a lightweight, modular, and customizable framework for creating power-systems-focused, multi-agent Gym environments that readily integrate with existing training frameworks for reinforcement learning (RL). Although many frameworks exist for training multi-agent RL (MARL) policies, none can rapidly prototype and develop the environments themselves, especially in the context of heterogeneous (composite, multi-device) power
more » ... s where power flow solutions are required to define grid-level variables and costs. PowerGridworld is an open-source software package that helps to fill this gap. To highlight PowerGridworld's key features, we present two case studies and demonstrate learning MARL policies using both OpenAI's multi-agent deep deterministic policy gradient (MADDPG) and RLLib's proximal policy optimization (PPO) algorithms. In both cases, at least some subset of agents incorporates elements of the power flow solution at each time step as part of their reward (negative cost) structures.
arXiv:2111.05969v1 fatcat:jisj34ccbnaghldi2oiobllfk4