David Rohrbaugh
2019 unpublished
This ECAR provides the results of a validity evaluation of the physical-and mechanical-property data collected on a billet of nuclear-grade graphite (i.e., 2114 Billet A20570) in support of the ART Baseline Graphite Characterization Program. 1,2 Millions of raw data points have been collected during testing and quantification analyses for these billets. The summary scalar property values and supplementary traceability data are collected into comprehensive spreadsheets. Data sets are composed of
more » ... single billets of graphite for any given grade, organized by mechanical test-specimen type, and further subdivided into individual spreadsheet tabs according to the specific test or evaluation being performed. A direct analysis of properties was not conducted, and this report does not provide information on the validity or performance characteristics of the graphite itself. Rather, this report is intended as a verification of the completeness of actual data collected in accordance with PLN-3467, "Baseline Graphite Characterization Plan: Electromechanical Testing," 3 and their representation of the measurement and test results with sole regard to the graphite billets under evaluation.
doi:10.2172/1813549 fatcat:zcm75p5hqfcdbbtlo2rtaaz5hi