Differences in daily life between elderly people with dementia and those without

Natsu Hiroki, Nakako Matsumoto
2005 Journal for the Integrated Study of Dietary Habits  
A recent survey was conducted with elderly people.Two groups,people with dementia living in a Group-home,and people without,living in Retirement Housing, were asked about Instrumental Activities of Daily life(IADL)and Basic Activities of Daily life(BADL)covering health,diet and lifestyle. It was noted that people with dementia had a significantly recognizable inability to perform IADL as opposed to people without dementia who were able to carry out these things on their own.However,it was also
more » ... oted that the same group of people with dementia,were able to carry out some basic activities,such as dressing themselves,but were still unable to perform other activities.In relation to diet and feeding themselves around 80% of the total number of people surveyed were able to feed themselves and only a few people were hindered in this area.However,it was found that when people had full dentures,there was a tendency for these people to have small appetites.
doi:10.2740/jisdh.15.278 fatcat:33kprjmlwngt5kuaij4adtdrmi