To Wait or Not to Wait? The Bicriteria Delay Management Problem in Public Transportation

Andreas Ginkel, Anita Schöbel
2007 Transportation Science  
Assume that a train reaches a station with delay. At the station there is a bus ready to depart. The question if such a bus should wait for the delayed train or if it should depart on time is called the delay management problem. Different single objective functions for this problem have been introduced and analyzed. In this paper, we present a bicriteria model for the delay management problem, taking into account both the delay of the vehicles and the number of passengers who miss a connection.
more » ... Our model does not depend on detailed data about the passengers and can hence easily be implemented in practice. To analyze the problem, we present an integer programming formulation and a graph-theoretic approach which is based on discrete time/cost trade-off project networks. Using results of project planning we develop an efficient solution method. We tested our procedure using real-world data. The results show the applicability of the approach.
doi:10.1287/trsc.1070.0212 fatcat:rmbfgtwwq5c2vewoapwad2w4ee