Production of Hydrogen by Pyrolysis of Methane over Ni/Ca/Carbon Catalysts

Kazuhisa MURATA, Ken-ichi FUJITA, Kunio UCHIDA
1997 Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute  
The decomposition of methane over Ni/Ca/carbon catalyst systems, to form hydrogen and carbon was examined at modest temperature range of 623-873K. The catalytic activity of these systems proceeded after pretreatment by air at 573K for 4h, and by H2 at 673K for 3h. In these systems, nickel was the major active component and the calcium acted as a promoter. The effect of carbon supports on the initial catalytic activity was found to be not so great, but a pronounced effect of these carbons on the
more » ... rate of reaction with time was observed and pyrolytic carbons prepared from organic monomers, such as cyclododecane, seemed favorable. Carbonaceous species formed by decomposition of methane was presumed to be mainly of those in a filament-like graphite phase.
doi:10.1627/jpi1958.40.129 fatcat:5pxsgq24bzejbih2chyvc2oxpe