Runa Bhagabati, Aparajita Borkotoki
2022 Zenodo  
To see the impact of Acid mine drainage (AMD) in Patkai wetland near Tikak open cast mine of Margherita Sub-division , District Tinsukia, Assam, the hydro-biological characteristics were analysed for the year 2007-08. Physico-chemical characteristics revealed low D.O. (3.21 mg/l); high turbidity (25.19 NTU), hardness (83.15 mg/l); presence of heavy metals like Arsenic (0.038 mg/l) and Iron (0.18 mg/l) beyond permissible level in water and sediment soil. Aquatic diversity represents less
more » ... y of plankton as well as low fish distribution with six species belonging to four genus indicating water pollution due to mining activities. The wetland needs immediate conservation to restore its value as potential water body. REFERENCES APHA. (1995). Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and waste water.18th edition. American Public Health Association, Washington, DC. Barpujari, D. and Saikia, L. R. (2000). A Study on Growth performance of five dominant plant species in coalmine spoil at Tikak open cast mine under the Patkai range of Eastern Himalaya; Nature; Environment and pollution technology. Bhagabati, R. (2002). Water pollution related to oil fields in an around Sibasagar, Assam: Environmental Hazards in South Asia, New Delhi, Capital Publishing Company. viii, 296p. Bhagabati, R. and Borkotoki, A. (2013). A study on metal concentration in Patkai wetland near Tikak open cast mine, Assam. The Ecoscan. 7(1&2): 45-49. ISSN-0974-03. Bradshaw, A.D. and Chadwick, J. (1986). The Restoration of Land: The Ecology and Reclamation of Derelict and Degraded land, Oxford, Blackwell. Brinda, S., Srinivasan, M. and Balakrishnan, S. (2010). Studies on Diversity of Fin Fish Larvae in Vellar Estuary, Southeast Coast of India. World J. Fish and Marine Sci. 2(1): 44-50. Chakrapani, B. K., Krishna, M. B. and Srinivasan, T. S. (1996). A Rep [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7214149 fatcat:qoknq2gvwjhazlmk4fy7x23gu4