Title Time-efficient algorithms for BGP route configuration Time-Efficient Algorithms for BGP Route Configuration

Tw Chim, Yeung, Tat Chim, Kwan Yeung
2004 Ieee International Conference On Communications   unpublished
Based on the concept of most popular prefix first, two efficient algorithms for BGP route configuration are proposed. The first algorithm MPPF_SES is designed for solving the single egress selection (SES) problem, and the second algorithm MPPF_MES is for multiple egress selection (MES). MPPF_MES has two variants, one aims at minimizing the total amount of resources consumed for carrying the transit traffic, and the other tries to minimize the egress link capacity required. Compared with the
more » ... ting algorithms, a comparable performance in terms of network resources consumed can be obtained. In case of SES, our MPPF_SES can carry a given traffic load with much lower egress link capacity requirement. In case of MES, our MPPF_MES tends to provide a more stable performance. Last but not the least, our proposed algorithms have a much lower time complexity than the existing approach.