Contents, Vol. 53, 1988

1988 Respiration  
Effects of Dipyridamole on the Hypoxemic Pulmonary Hypertension of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Nenci, G.G.; Berrettini, M.; Todisco, T.; Costantini, V.; Parise, P 13 Intolerance to Tartrazine in Aspirin-Induced Asthma: Results of a Multicenter Study Virchow, C; Szczeklik, A.; Bianco, S.; Schmitz-Schumann, M.; Juhl, E.; Robuschi, M.; Damonte, C; Menz, G.; Serwonska, M 20 Role of Na+ and Ca++ in Guinea Pig Trachealis Contraction Induced by Cooling Santacana, G.; Chen, W.Y
more » ... 4 Bambuterol: Clinical Effects of Different Doses of a Long-Acting Bronchodilator Prodrug Sandström, T.; Åsander, L.; Clemmensen, I.H.; Eklund, G.; Gnosspelius, Y.; KJarlund Pedersen, B.; Persson, G.; Ravn, S.; Rosenhall, L.; Weeke, B 31 Evaluation of Systemic Host Defense Mechanisms in Chronic Bronchitis Fietta, A.; Bersani, C; De Rose, V.; Grassi, F.A.; Mangiarotti, P.; Uccelli, M.; Grassi, C. 37 Freeze-Fracture Analysis of the Respiratory Cilia from the Bronchial Mucosa of a Patient with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Lessner, U.; Breipohl, W.; Konietzko, N.; Rehn, B 44 Therapeutic Effect of Bovine Albumin in the Experimental Fat Embolism Syndrome Agnantis, N.; Gyras, M.; Tserkezoglou, A.; Apostolikas, N.; Papacharalampous, N. . 50 Standardization of Different Spirometers Ali, B.A.; Abro, Y.M.; Javed, N.H.; Islam, M.S 58 Erratum 64 No. 2 Original Paper New Method for Easy Labeling of Beta-2-Agonists in the Metered Dose Inhaler with Technetium 99m Köhler, D.; Fleischer, W.; Matthys, H 65 Effect of Sodium Cromoglycate and Nifedipine on Adenosine-Induced Bronchoconstriction Crimi, N.; Palermo, F.; Vancheri, C; Oliveri, R.; Distefano, S.M.; Polosa, R.; Mistretta, A. 74 IV Contents Lung Function Disturbances versus Respiratory Muscle Fatigue in Patients with Systemic Lupus erythematosus Worth, H.; Grahn, S.; Lakomek, H.J.; Bremer, G.; Goeckenjan, G 81 Die funktionelle Pneumonektomie. Untersuchungen zum Problem der einseitig hellen Lunge (mit 1 Farbtafel) Wassermann, K.; Reitemeyer, E.; Müller, K.-M.; Nakhosteen, J.A 91 Experimental Lung Tumors following Specific Intrabronchial Application of Chrysotile
doi:10.1159/000195417 fatcat:uqampedfkrauvmcvv4opemzgpe