Women Empowerment: Current Insights and Debates

2021 International Journal of Social Science and Economics Invention  
Women empowerment even today is as important as it was ever before. This paper delves into a few current debates and an approach, highlighting that engagement with actions required towards women empowerment is necessary and relevant. Meeting with women empowerment demands a sensitive driver who understands its relevance and is ready to pull and push measures with passion. The paper highlights that if we focus on the idea of women empowerment, we must ask ourselves what it means in terms of a
more » ... io-economic, socio-political, or, put, the social reality of gender parity in our societies and around the world as well. Empowerment for a person would, at a basic level, mean the person's fundamental ability to have power or control of their own lives concerning the fundamental rights and freedom that every person is entitled to. So, in a broad sense, women empowerment would mean helping empower women to be independent and have more control over their own lives. This paper is based on observations, literature review, and multiple interactions, including data collected through structured and unstructured questionnaire surveys. Writing this paper was to understand the social space that women occupy before delineating the framework for ' Women Empowerment Atlas Project'** and suggest ways to uplift their status in society. Science and technology as mediums can help raise awareness among women and aid them in myriad ways and empower them with multiple livelihood opportunities, besides exhibiting the possibility of women safe gadgets which, thereby evolving safe spaces and ecosystem.
doi:10.23958/ijssei/vol07-i01/260 fatcat:nfd7kcskcfhn3etlchcwto6kcm