Counterfactuals and Undefinedness: Homogeneity vs. Supervaluations

Paul Marty, Jacopo Romoli, Paolo Santorio
2021 Semantics and Linguistic Theory  
Theories of counterfactuals agree on appealing to a relation of comparative similarity, but disagree on the quantificational force of counterfactuals. We report on two experiments testing the predictions of three main approaches: universal theories, homogeneity theories, and single-world selection theories (plus supervaluations over selection functions). The critical cases in our experiment were constructed so as to discriminate between the three theories. Our results provide empirical support
more » ... or the selectional theories, while challenging the other two approaches.
doi:10.3765/salt.v30i0.4842 fatcat:ik6m6ydhrrfnbosvjcn4czcrgm