Theory and Knowledge Development for the East-West Nursing
동서간호를 위한 이론 및 지식개발

Hyun Sook Kang
2013 journal of east-west nursing research  
Practice evidenced by reliable knowledge is essential for professionals and practical studies. Because nursing is a human science and practical science, theory and knowledge development is an indispensable task to improve nursing. Nursing is a very special paradigm not exactly correlated to Western medicine and Oriental medicine. However, nursing was influenced by on Western medicine at the beginning, and most nursing theories were established western philosophies. Caring is the essence of
more » ... ng. To provide qualitative care which satisfies clients, it is required to respect cultures of the clients. Western and Eastern approaches of thinking are coexisting in Korea no, so the needs for developing a nursing model, East-West Nursing, which blends two approaches are increasing. In this paper, concepts of the East-West Nursing, differences between Oriental and Western medicines, and comparison of nursing metaparadigm in prospects from and Western Philosophies were briefly covered to define the East-West Nursing. Strategies and directions to develop the East-West Nursing were also discussed.
doi:10.14370/jewnr.2013.19.2.195 fatcat:e5o4g7eswrawfajqtg75bjhoyq