A Survey on Link Correlation Aware Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Network

Suprgya Verma, Jay Mungi
2017 unpublished
Recent empirical studies have shown clear evidence that wireless links are not independent and that the packet receptions on adjacent wireless links are correlated. This finding contradicts the widely held link-independence assumption in the calculation of the core metric, i.e., the expected number of transmissions to the candidate forwarder set, in opportunistic routing (OR). The inappropriate assumption may cause serious estimation errors in the forwarder set selection, which further leads to
more » ... ch further leads to underutilized diversity benefits or extra scheduling costs. we propose a novel link-correlation-aware OR scheme, which significantly improves the performance by exploiting the diverse low correlated forwarding links basis on various matrices such as link energy no of hope etc. We evaluate the design in ns2-network simulation tool by varying no of nodes. Target of our work is develop a algorithm to find better correlated link.