University Students' Attitudes toward Natural Birth

Handan O
2017 Journal of Gynecology and Womens Health  
Today, where awareness toward natural birth frequently finds a voice and it's been increasingly questioned, views of young people on natural birth, who are one step closer to become parents' is of importance. The study was planned in this perspective, to assess views of students of Gumushane University on natural childbirth. Methods: After getting required consent, 641 participants who volunteered were interviewed face-to-face and the questionnaire was filled. Students who have attended the
more » ... ve attended the study were randomly picked from each department. Results: Age of participants varied between 18 and 38 and the median age was determined to be 20.84±1.97. A 61.3 percent of participants were women and 97.2 were single. A 32.9 percent of the participants declared fear of labor pain, 20.2 feared delivering a disabled or sick child and 17.9 percent had fear of perineovaginal fracture. A 35.0% majority of participants said that they would prefer normal birth as they see it more suitable to baby's health while another 11.8% expressed they would favor cesarean, as it offered less pain. A total of 78.7% of the participants said that they find it important to have childbirth preparation classes during labor. Conclusion: Nowadays, due to the increased rate of cesarean section and invasive delivery preferences, raising awareness regarding natural birth among a new generation of young people in our society is of important concern and we feel the need to emphasize the importance of developing and supporting educative and informative programmes for this people.
doi:10.19080/jgwh.2017.07.555717 fatcat:si4geu6jsfeoniof4m3zwq2ltu