Bruce Lee nas telas – O "Pequeno Dragão" enlaça com seu corpo marcial Oriente e Ocidente

Maria Brígida de Miranda
2016 Urdimento  
In this article I reflect on how the spectacle of the trained body combined with the realm of heroic characters and dialogues inspired by notions such as "non-action" builds up our imaginary about the East, the sacred and the martial arts. It is reasonable to consider that before we encountered the most well-known writings on Asian theatre by Antonin Artaud, Jerzy Grotowski, Peter Brook and Eugenio Barba, our Latin American gaze on the East was shaped by the performances of actors in
more » ... ctors in feature-films. It is also plausible that it was throught the cinema that we were introduced to the first notions about practices and philosophies of the far East. The martial "virtuose" of actors such as Bruce Lee introduced the cinema's audiences to a realm of body-cultivation embeded in Buddhist and Taoist beliefs.
doi:10.5965/1414573102252015084 fatcat:6es2cdd4bff6pjwspy3heod634