Onset of local ordering in some copper-based alloys: critical solute concentration vis-a-vis various solutionhardening parameters

Muhammad Butt, Mozina Noshi, Farooq Bashir
2008 Open Physics  
AbstractThe mode of planar distribution of solute atoms in Cu single crystals alloyed with 0.5 to 8.0 at.%Ge has been investigated via the temperature dependence of the critical resolved shear stress of these alloys. It is found that there exists a critical solute concentration c m ≈ 5 at.%Ge below which the distribution of solute atoms in the crystal is random, and above which some local ordering occurs. This together with such data available in the literature for Cu-Zn, Cu-Al and Cu-Mn
more » ... Al and Cu-Mn alloys, i.e. c m ≈7 at. %Zn, 7 at.%Al and 1 at.%Mn, when examined as a function of the size-misfit factor δ = (1/b)(db/dc)of a given binary alloy system, shows that the value of c m strongly depends on δ; the smaller the magnitude of δ, the greater the value of c m and vice versa. Also, the value of c m is found to correlate well with the electron-to-atom ratio (e/a)of the Cu-Zn, Cu-Al, Cu-Ge and Cu-Mn alloys with the solute concentration c = c m. However, no systematic correlation exists between the critical solute concentration c m for the onset of local ordering and the modulus-mismatch parameter η = (1/G)(dG/dc).
doi:10.2478/s11534-008-0111-4 fatcat:fjcwl642urhkljhn7gor54vflm