Structural Analysis of Enhanced Performance Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)

2020 International journal of computer networks and communications security  
We present a detailed study on structure of Organic LEDs (OLEDs) that promise flexibility and enhanced performance. Ordinary LEDs fail when it comes to need of ultra-smart size, thin, flexible smart screens and high efficiency light sources. With electroluminescent layer made of organic compounds, OLEDs promise all such features. We did a comprehensive analysis to find what structural features distinguish OLEDs from semiconductor LEDs. We found that it is the special six layered structure with
more » ... red structure with organic emissive layer and delocalized charges due to weak pi bonds that enable OLEDs to perform better. We dis-cuss a few limitations related to production and life of these LEDs and suggest possible solutions to overcome these challenges. A rigorous, in-depth analysis of this structure is imperative to further comprehend the working of this device in order to make future devices cheaper and more efficient
doi:10.47277/ijcncs/8(9)2 fatcat:qkdva5v355fevlwyhiddza5zle