Inclusive Postsecondary Education Provider Perspectives of Stressful Situations for College Students with an Intellectual Disability

Anthony J. Plotner, Adrianna Shoemaker, Charlie Walters, Molly Bloom, Abigail Mojica
Students with intellectual disability are increasingly attending inclusive postsecondary education programs (IPSEs) to equip them to thrive in adult-life environments. Students within these programs receive training and support in various areas, such as academics, employment, social engagement, personal development, and independent living. Although students may not receive specific training on dealing with stressors or stressful situations, it is assumed that these college students encounter
more » ... and unique stressful situations during their time on campus. Stress can be caused by many circumstances and can be handled differently depending on the student and the situation. The purpose of this study was to examine IPSE professionals' perceptions of the most severe and persistent stressful situations encountered by students participating in IPSE programs. The findings gleaned from this study offer four interrelated themes, all of which are related to relationships and communication. These findings along with implications for practice are discussed.
doi:10.13021/jipe.2023.3248 fatcat:slmqvijeejcpvm72nlkrueqgtm