T.U.E.S.D.A.Y (Translation Using machine learning from English Speech to Devanagari Automated for You)

Varun Soni, Rizwan Shaikh, Sayantan Mahato, Shaikh Phiroj
2021 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In today's globalized world, one thing that acts as a barrier to healthy information exchange is language. On top of that, with the onset of technologies such as YouTube and Facebook making it easy to share knowledge with people all around the world, language can impede that flow of information. If someone in India wants to access a piece of content in written form from another country, they can make use of services such as Google translate. However, the same cannot be extended for any piece of
more » ... content which is rendered in an audio-visual medium since no such apparatus has been developed which can help people comprehend the content of that specific type. Specifically, students have experienced this first-hand when they try to access content from other universities but the medium of language is something that they are not wellversed in. With these issues in mind, this group is trying to build an automatic voice dubbing system: a speech-to-speech translation pipeline which can help users easily understand other users without the worry of language barrier. The model is called T.U.E.S.D.A.Y. (Translation Using machine learning for English Speech to Devanagari Automated for You) and is divided into three conversion modules: English speech to English text, English text to Devanagari text, and finally Devanagari text to Hindi speech. These modules work together in tandem to ensure an integrated model as a whole.
doi:10.5120/ijca2021921387 fatcat:sr2e7euqczhffd25ga5fg2zoi4