Old Buildings' Façades: Fieldwork and Discussion of Thermal Retrofitting Strategies in a Mediterranean Climate

Diana Corrêa, Inês Flores-Colen, José Dinis Silvestre, Marco Pedroso, Rita Andrade Santos
2020 Designs  
This work is within the scope of thermal retrofitting, applied to old buildings' façades (built between 1700 and 1960) located in Mediterranean climates, such as Portugal. The aim is to increase the sustainability of existing buildings, by reducing their energy consumption needs, for heating and cooling, and the corresponding gaseous emissions, while increasing their users' comfort. Firstly, an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of several thermal insulation solutions for façades was
more » ... arried out, supported in current literature. Then, a survey of real retrofitting scenarios and interviews with experts was completed, to allow the selection of the most adequate thermal insulation techniques. Finally, as a result of this study, the discussion of retrofitting strategies was carried out to support the designer's decision process, based on a flowchart with complementary tables, discussing the best thermal retrofitting technique to be implemented on old buildings' façades, case-by-case.
doi:10.3390/designs4040045 fatcat:aeibxsxha5abxgtcvun3hg3t7m