Dirichlet PageRank and Ranking Algorithms Based on Trust and Distrust

Fan Chung, Alexander Tsiatas, Wensong Xu
2013 Internet Mathematics  
Motivated by numerous models of representing trust and distrust within a network ranking system, we examine a quantitative vertex ranking with consideration of the influence of a subset of nodes. We propose and analyze a general ranking metric, called Dirichlet PageRank, which gives a ranking of vertices in a subset S of nodes subject to some specified conditions on the vertex boundary of S. In addition to the usual Dirichlet boundary condition (which disregards the influence of nodes outside
more » ... S), we consider general boundary conditions allowing the presence of negative (distrustful) nodes or edges. We give an efficient approximation algorithm for computing Dirichlet PageRank vectors. Furthermore, we give several algorithms for solving various trust-based ranking problems using Dirichlet PageRank with general boundary conditions.
doi:10.1080/15427951.2012.678194 fatcat:eurjppigebbvrkmdqe7hbt2nsy