Alexander Semin
2020 Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews  
The purpose of the study: The purpose of the study is to assess the regional potential of the territory enriched with peat resources and to develop strategic directions and mechanisms aimed at its further sustainable and competitive development. The methodology: Methodology is based on a systematic analysis of socio-economic processes, the use of monographic studies, the use of abstract-logical, economic-statistical, computational-constructive, and expert research methods. The object of the
more » ... arch is the production and social infrastructure of out-of-town territories. The subject of the research is to identify patterns, trends, and features of the formation and functioning of the industrial and social infrastructure of the out-of-town territory. Main findings: The use of new technological processes and equipment for the processing of peat and mineral raw materials was substantiated scientifically to obtain new composite materials for multipurpose applications. The features of the use of local peat resources in ensuring the development of out-of-town territories were investigated based on a set of scientific approaches. The feasibility and effectiveness of the application of project management for the natural and technogenic complex to ensure multi-criteria optimization of the production and social infrastructure were established. Applications of this study: The results of this study were tested and implemented within the territory of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, which made it possible to develop a strategy for the development of a cluster-type okrug and increase the efficiency of using local peat resources of extra-urban areas. The novelty (originality) of this study lies in the fact that the conducted research enabled to identify new features of the use of local peat resources in ensuring sustainable development of out-of-town territories, and to develop a strategy of socio-economic development adequate to new challenges of the external environment.
doi:10.18510/hssr.2020.854 fatcat:34ndwj24trbdlmbrgsupscpxim