Virtual Routing and Forwarding-lite Traffic Management over Multi-protocol Layer Switching-Virtual Private Network

Ruhani Rahman, Asikin Zahari, Murizah Kassim
Quality of Services in Multi-protocol layer switching for Virtual Private Network (MPLS-VPN) is one of important matter today. These networks experienced an increase of bandwidth size for enterprises LAN which are faster than the increased of bandwidth at WAN link. Thus, line speed is disparity and bottleneck is occurred at the link between WAN and LAN due to the unparalleled increase of bandwidth between these links. This paper presents a study of MPLS-VPN architecture and how to encounter the
more » ... ow to encounter the congestions problem by simulating traffic management on the path diversity and load balance using VRF-lite technique at enterprises MPLS-VPN. A test bed is set up and real enterprise MPLS-VPN network for traffic management is simulated. VRF-Lite traffic management is applied at identified two WAN headquarters and three branch network. WAN and LAN link is identified on primary and secondary network link. VRF-lite is used to overcome the bottle neck at the Branch WAN-LAN link and also to fully utilize all available links at the other sites. Adaptive traffic management is set where if it is identified that other link is not congested than traffic will pass through the link. Result presents analyzed of throughput and bandwidth utilization percentage on all identified links using ftp and http applications. Successful results present that all links at HQ and Branch is being utilized and the congestion at the Branch WAN-LAN link is avoided.