Clinical and biochemical predictors of neurological disorders

I. Yu. Serikova, G. I. Shumacher, E. N. Vorobyova, I. A. Batanina, R. I. Vorobyov
2020 Medical alphabet  
The aim of this study is to identify clinical and biochemical predictors of neurological disorders in adolescents who have suffered mild perinatal damage of the central nervous system. We examined 120 adolescents (62 girls and 58 boys) aged 13–16 years, who were hospitalized in the city Children's Neurological Department. It was found that adolescents with perinatal lesions of the central nervous system, activated lipid peroxidation processes and revealed an increase in the concentration of
more » ... oncentration of protein S 100, which in the future could lead to the development of neurodegeneration processes. In addition, a positive correlation between the lipid peroxidation processes nd the concentration of the nerve tissue damage marker was revealed. The results indicate that the level of neurospecific protein — protein S 100, parameters of the oxidant‑antioxidant system, perinatal factors can be used as predictors of chronic nervous tissue processes.
doi:10.33667/2078-5631-2019-4-35(410)-34-39 fatcat:kpgedd7avrarhdo6qo3cyyw6nq