Modulation of the electrochemical properties of SBS-based anionic membranes by the amine molecular structure

Antonio Filpi, Massimiliano Boccia, Andrea Pucci, Francesco Ciardelli
2013 E-Polymers  
AbstractIn this work, different amines (bifunctional, as diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane (Dabco) and monofunctional, as N-methylimidazole or trimethylamine) were utilized for the amination of benzyl chloride-grafted polystyrene-b-poly(butadiene)-bpolystyrene triblock copolymers (SBS-g-VBC). The use of Dabco solutions in mixture with variable amounts of monoamine or at different concentration allowed to modulate the degree of crosslinking of the SBS-based membranes and their electrochemical
more » ... chemical parameters. More specifically, tuning Dabco concentration permitted the reduction of water uptake without significantly affecting ionic conductivity.
doi:10.1515/epoly-2013-0101 fatcat:cd7ij3jabnellb66dgwspwyx5e