Permanent and Temporary Aspects of Urban Tourism (Case Study: George Town, Malaysia)

Gandhes Kusuma Gumelar, Rully
As a world tourism phenomenon, cities are seen as a complex process associated with different cultures, lifestyles and a set of demands for vacations and travel. Urban tourism has unique characteristics, different from tourism in general, whose tourist attraction is intended only for those who travel. Urban tourists use urban facilities which are also used by city residents as a tourist attraction. George Town, which is located on the island of Penang, Malaysia, offers urban tourism in the form
more » ... tourism in the form of architecture and culture of the city itself as the main attraction that is unchanged because George Town is one of UNESCO World Heritage cities that is protected by law. Urban Tourism in George Town seen from its temporary aspect is supported by various tourism events and also supporting facilities that become special interest tourism. These events, festivals and those facilities aim to enliven the town and increase the town's tourism value. Meanwhile seen from its permanent aspect, it is the city itself where the buildings are historical relics that are protected by law. So that the building will not change and its authenticity and historical value will be maintained. Iit can be seen that the permanent and temporary aspects in George Town are a dualism that is inseparable or whether the right or wrong is determined. Like any currency, they have both positive and negative sides, good and bad, depending on the case and the potential of George Town itself
doi:10.36728/icone.v1i1.1272 fatcat:izfmr4wgbjcfzpiulyveukyrd4