Pull Request Latency Explained: An Empirical Overview [article]

Xunhui Zhang, Yue Yu, Tao Wang, Ayushi Rastogi, Huaimin Wang
2021 arXiv   pre-print
Pull request latency evaluation is an essential application of effort evaluation in the pull-based development scenario. It can help the reviewers sort the pull request queue, remind developers about the review processing time, speed up the review process and accelerate software development. There is a lack of work that systematically organizes the factors that affect pull request latency. Also, there is no related work discussing the differences and variations in characteristics in different
more » ... enarios and contexts. In this paper, we collected relevant factors through a literature review approach. Then we assessed their relative importance in five scenarios and six different contexts using the mixed-effects linear regression model. We find that the relative importance of factors differs in different scenarios, e.g., the first response time of the reviewer is most important when there exist comments. Meanwhile, the number of commits in a pull request has a more significant impact on pull request latency when closing than submitting due to changes in contributions brought about by the review process.
arXiv:2108.09946v1 fatcat:zzsagpa2y5betbpuha6rtco4k4