J Jacob, Stanley Inbaraj, U Ramesh
2016 unpublished
Cotton enjoys a prime place among all the agricultural commodities in the world, because it exercises a profound influence on man and material since the dawn of civilization. Cotton remains the most miraculous fiber under the sun, even after 8,000 years till now. Cotton plays a vital role in the Indian economy as it provides gainful employment to millions of people besides contributing substantially to the country's foreign trade. The journey of cotton from the farm gate to the mill is fairly
more » ... he mill is fairly long when it is under the wings of marketing. Since cotton is a fine fibre the post-harvest management of cotton involves cumulative, tedious and protective process. Every farmer cultivating cotton struggles to identify a proper strategy in order to reduce the loss of cotton during the post-harvest management. Tamil Nadu is one of the premiering states in the production and marketing of cotton. In Tamil Nadu Vellore is one of the leading districts where more cotton is procured. Among the 20 blocks in Vellore district Kandhili occupies a significant place in the cultivation of cotton. The post-harvest management of picking, storing, packing, loading, unloading and transporting of cottonat every stage involves watchful attention. Here is an attempt to study the post-harvest management or practice adopted by some of the selected farmers in Kandhili block. Using the convenience sampling method about 105 sample farmers cultivating cotton were selected and information regarding the post-harvest management of cotton were collected using personal interview method. The results of the study reveal that all the selected farmers use to pick cotton manually and nearly 62 percentage of the selected respondents store their cotton in their residence, about 71 selected farmers pick cotton after reaching its full maturity, majority of the farmers sell their produce to cooperative societies, only 21 percent of the farmers reported of damage of cotton during the post-harvest process.